We spent a weekend with the Snapchat Shows

In 2014, Sony Pictures’ pirated documents revealed Snapchat’s acquisition of Vengeance Labs, a start-up that developed glasses with HD cameras. It was the same year of the industrial accident (yes, I exaggerate.) Google Glass.

And when in 2016, the firm finally announces the arrival of Spectacles, its glasses connected, the memory of Google Glass is already far and most web giants have diversified their activities: virtual reality for Facebook with Oculus VR , The video with Vine for Twitter, when Google sets the course on technological innovations of any kind, including Google Car, within its X Lab.

Launched in the United States in November 2016, Spectacles have been available since June 2 in Europe.

The object is beautiful, assumes more easily than the Google Glass, but the comparison stops there since they definitely do not have the same utility. For my part, the idea of Spectacles pleased me immediately: to capture instantly what was happening before my eyes, as I saw it, while traveling, in the street, in an evening, everywhere. And most importantly capture these images in the manner of the human eye.


Successful bet for Shows?

Well, first disappointment, the Shows take “only” videos, small films of 10 seconds maximum. No pictures, its wide-angle sensor (115 degrees) is certainly larger than the one found on smartphones, but still too small to be used as a camera worthy of the name.

What about the product? The yellow case blackened with black is rather imposing. Understand: you will not often carry it with you unless you have a backpack for you gentlemen / ladies or a 24-hour bag. The case also has its usefulness since it also serves as a load for spectacles. Which is rather well thought out, it must be said.

Once on the nose, the Spectacles stand rather well, they are not too heavy and do not look like a Saiyan, as the Google Glass did.




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