Vertu closes the door, the luxury smart goodbye

The British luxury smartphone maker Vertu has faced financial problems recently but seemed to be able to overcome them following the acquisition by Turkish magnate Murat Hakan Uzan.

Apparently, however, the new owner of Vertu has realized how hard it is to make profits with luxury smartphones to sell in thousands of euros and, having tried in vain to reschedule the company’s debts, would have decided to throw the sponge : Vertu, in fact, is closing his shop.

So the end of a branding born under the control of Nokia could eventually end and then become independent, going to Android.

We remind you that Vertu smartphones are characterized by being made in the UK with the use of premium materials such as gold, crocodile skin, diamonds and titanium.

At this point it seems increasingly probable that any future smartphones of this brand will be made in Asian factories, perhaps TCL. With the peace of lovers of unbridled luxury and made in England.




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