IOS 11 beta 3 opens Apple’s livestream era

11 iOS beta 3 opens the era of Apple's livestream

There are just over two months 11 arrival of iOS for iPhone and iPad, but the news is not yet fully known. At WWDC 2017 Apple has shown what he can do next major update, especially in the field of augmented reality, but apparently there are many small additions to be discovered, such as to make the very most comprehensive operating system and be able to compete with Android in field of integration with third party services. In the beta 3 released to developers in recent days, it appeared the voice Start Broadcating within the video capture menu. According to first impressions, until now the function does not lead to anything, since clicking there is nothing to record a movie of what passes for the screen, just like the button Start Recording , and so there are a couple of interesting hypotheses to be do.

Live broadcast

One leads to the consideration, unlikely, a new live streaming platform that Apple would present at the event dedicated to the iPhone 7S and 8 September. This would be a service with which to relaunch the social projects of the company, perhaps with a service focused on sharing gaming and live, after a couple of prematurely closed bets (remember Ping ?). Let’s unlikely because the WWDC 2017 would be the best time to unveil the initiative to developers and engineers, but this did not happen. More truthful, then the rumor according to which the Start Broadcast would mean the possibility of starting a display live recording on supported applications, such as YouTube and Facebook. Without going into these, therefore, it would be enough to click on the icon to start instantly capturing video from spreading from your account. Assumptions and rumors that will soon confirmed.



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