Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE is not available in Germany

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE in Germany – The recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the FE abbreviated fan edition, will not appear to be available in Germany.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE

With the addition “Fan Edition”, short FE, Samsung has recently launched the breakdown notebook Galaxy Note 7 again on the market. Technically there has not changed much, only the battery, which in the autumn of 2016 provided for problems and finally to a complete callback including sales stop, was exchanged and replaced by a safe variant.

In South Korea, fans and prospective buyers can buy around 400,000 Refurbished devices, which costs 7 FE a circa 545 euros. Whether German customers will also benefit from the revised version was so far uncertain. For the US market Samsung had already canceled the release.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE does not come to Germany

As Areamobile reports, German customers also have to do without the Galaxy Note 7 FE. According to the information, Samsung notified the news portal on request that a release on the German market is not provided. The company is currently concentrating mainly on the new models of the J series, specifically on the Galaxy J3, J5 and J7.

Under certain circumstances, however, the manufacturer will present a new Phablet already in August, which is also available for German customers and will have an S-Pen. Whether the Samsung Galaxy S8 is meant, remains to be seen.




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