Nextbit Robin, the eccentric smartphone will no longer be supported by July 31

From today talk of Nextbit Robin will require the past. So the story of one of the most unusual products, for design and functionality, starts at an epilogue dated 31 July. From that day, Nextbit Robin will no longer have any support. The bizarre smartphone’s adventure started in 2015 from a Kickstarter campaign that went beyond expectations: a year later, the company began marketing the world’s first cloud phone, except to break it in January following the acquisition by Razer .

Nextbit had welcomed the event, convinced that he could benefit from more resources to devote himself to his ideas. But since July 31, it will no longer be possible to contact the company via chat or phone about a Robin. You can only mail it, with lots of good hopes. However, it would seem that Nextbit is working on a latest software update for the cloud phone, so they can fix the latest bugs reported by the community, but there is no guarantee they can end it before the end of the month. Then, the lights will turn off.



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