The device adds a thumb on your hand as a n event is apparently not enough

look at your hand. don’t you think there’s something missing? but, look at this. on the edge of your hand… there’s nothing. fortunately for you, dani clode will solve this problem.

that was three inches, and who cares?
dani, clode was a student at the royal college of art in london, and had a simple idea: to add a second thumb printed in 3d in your hand. the aim is to increase the capacity by adding a new weapon to the arsenal of fingers.
the device to function as the third “is accompanied by a bluetooth bracelet your movement as well as an analysis of shoe as bluetooth – also interacts with the finger. move your foot, and the thumb is. simple.
thus, the third “can help you get an orange, to make better use of your card to play, to play the guitar, well, that’s helpful.

The Third Thumb Project from Dani Clode on Vimeo.

you will understand, a thumb is ultimately of little value, five fingers. dani dode is aware, since the project is not to have an object point in the state, but help us to rethink the way in which we use the devices. in fact, they are not intended to replace a lost member only, but also to increase by adding new ones.



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