Discoplus: new tarifportfolio with up to 5 gb and lte

discoPlusdiscoPlus Tarifportfolio – discoplus provides interested parties from now on a new tarifportfolio in network of o2. the four tariffs and smart meters and smart allnet s and allnet m offer data volumes up to 5 gb and lte speeds of up to 50 mbit / s.

discoplus new tariffs
in the online shop of discoplus are now four new tariffs in mobile networks by o2 available, each with a maximum lte rate of 50 mbit / s up. the contract period is 24 months, the period of notice for three months laufzeitende. the unique anschlusspreis is 4.99 euros.
the new smart tariffs and cost 4.99 euro and 6.99 euros per month. the special price is valid for 24 months from 25. month down 7.99 euros and 9.99 euros an. der smart it offers 100 freieinheiten for minutes and sms and 500 mb of data volume. in the smart meters, 200 units and 1 gb is included.
discoplus tariffs of up to 5 gb
the two flat rates s and m are in the first 24 months for 6.99 euros and 16,99 euros per month available. from the 25. month of package price 9.99 euros and 24,99 euros. in addition to a sprachflat in all german networks include the two tariffs a datenflat with 1 gb, 5 gb volume. an sms costs 19 cents. furthermore, allnet l europe package.

in the four tariffs comes to achieve the volumengrenze a datenautomatik for use, which can be deactivated at any time. her book up to three times an additional volume of 100 mb for the price of 2 euro.
as a special goodie in allnet l two months without charges are calculated. these are 6. and 7. vertragsmonat exposed.
under the new tarifportfolio www.discoplus.de is now available.

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