Pensplan, increase the quality of services with Würth Phoenix

Pensplan, aumentare la qualità dei servizi con Würth Phoenix

In 2017 he was twenty years old. Pensplan Centrum was established in 1997 with a law of Trentino-Alto Adige Region, with the mandate to promote complementary social security and social welfare within the regional territory. The purpose of Pensplan Centrum, which is not for profit, is, among other things, to offer free administrative services to the pension funds of the Region and to provide citizens with all useful information on social security and welfare, including through a Network of about 120 informative counters present throughout the Trentino and South Tyrol areas. The Region was the first in Italy to promulgate a law to facilitate supplementary pensions, financing the project with € 258 million: it is from the proceeds of the management of this capital that Pensplan Centrum finances its activities, which have grown steadily throughout the course Some years. The relative numbers are all about: All 2016 data speak of nearly 200,000 managed members, over 190,000 administrative practices, more than 65,000 contacts to Pensplan counters and nearly 23,000 managed businesses.

The roots of a partnership

Managing all this also means having the right infrastructure, which is why for about ten years Pensplan has started using the solutions of Würth Phoenix, a company headquartered in Bolzano active in the field of services and consulting For Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions, as well as in IT management products development, especially with NetEye offerings, the open source IT solution management solution, and EriZone, also open source, dedicated to IT Service Management. “We’ve been using NetEye for nearly ten years, basically since the solution was launched, and we have been able to verify the performance in terms of monitoring all the critical aspects of our network infrastructure,” explains Bruno Niederbacher, EDP Of Pensplan Centrum.


The choice of EriZone

It is also based on this more than positive experience that last year was decided to turn to Würth Phoenix again, this time with regard to IT Service Management, with the EriZone solution: “We had very specific requirements, and we have Carried out a thorough review of what was on the market, especially with regard to the ITIL standards that we have been pursuing for many of our procedures, and EriZone has won the race precisely for its full features “- emphasizes Niederbacher. The solution went into production in November 2016, and Pensplan has been able to appreciate the quality from now on: “EriZone is far more than just a” ticketing “system, as it has proved to be a complete system that facilitates all Everyday activities, thanks also to some features that allow the operator to focus on more value-added activities, “notes Niederbacher.

Full success

Another positive aspect of EriZone is the presence of the ITIL services catalog: “Since services are not only provided by the IT department but also by other departments, we have been involved in EriZone with all the corporate structure, such as secretarial services, logistics, Pensions, purchases and staff, “explains Niederbacher. At present, there are still some departments in which EriZone’s launch is under finalization, but “we can certainly talk about success: it is a very flexible and customizable solution that is helping us a lot in our daily activities “Bruno Niederbacher concludes.



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