Windows Phone farewell, Microsoft closed support for version 8.1

Windows Phone goodbye, Microsoft ended support for version 8.1

A piece of Windows Phone has lagged behind and never come back. Microsoft has announced that it has ended support to the 8.1 version of the operating system for smartphones, launched in April 2014. This does not mean the end of the entire project in Redmond but a clear signal of what the future of mobility according to multinational. A clean break with the past, marked by the partnership with Nokia ( forced views the acquisition of licenses in 2015) and a series of ever convincing devices, except for the Lumia 950 XL which has seriously threatened to steal users to Android. What was interesting mobile phone Samsung has demonstrated this year with the launch of DEX dock, that transforms the limited experience in an almost desktop, the same as in the winter of two years ago was used to obtain an interface of Windows full screen , with the debut of its Lumia on Continuum.

You’ll see only 10

Today’s move will serve to completely eliminate the last vestiges Windows Phone 8.1, paradoxically, fewer of the previous Windows Phone 7. Why? Despite the promise of being able to upgrade the old system to the last, millions of users were left with a device with no upgrades and kept him well, obsolete until the end. The transition to Windows Phone 10 (or simply Windows 10) in reality there never was, as among the big names only the Lumia 950, 550 and 650 have been upgraded, along with a series of frankly unknown smartphone (Softbank, Geanee, Freetel, and so on). Where going to end Microsoft in the near future is not clear. Around the corner is the Surface Phone, at least for a couple of years, a kind of Godot mobile technology. Alquanta forced the presence of Windows Phone 10 on board, perhaps in a robe oriented next-generation entertainment, including 3D and augmented reality.



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