Here is what the Pixel XL 2017 should look like: a serious competitor of the Galaxy S8 according to Google

As every year, the Android Police website US uses its closest sources of Google to get them maximum information on upcoming (and rare) brand of smartphones. Not only the site is able to give the main features of the devices, but it also often draws a 3D rendering of the very realistic device. So this is what will most likely look like Pixel XL this year and what innovative features should embark.

Here Pixel XL 2017 pixels or 2 XL, Google has not yet chosen the name for its future smartphones. What is almost certain Android Police, however, is its design. Main novelty of the Pixel XL: its large front panel display. According to his information, there would be a large slab of 6 inches to 2: 1 ratio, similar to the one we had seen in the LG G6. And because LG is this year that deals with the construction of Pixel 2017. This screen therefore would cover a large part of the facade, would have very thin screen edges and above would be an AMOLED display from the LG factories. A first for the Korean manufacturer.

slices that can be pressed like HTC U11

The back of the phone is rather more classic and very inspired Pixel last year. So we should find metal and glass on the hull and metal brackets on the new pixels. Some minor changes were however made by Google teams: At the rear, the glass part is now smaller and the fingerprint sensor is placed on the metal part. The photo sensor – it is almost certain that Google does not incorporate dual sensor – is also much larger than last year. This sensor is also party Android Police uncertainty, which is not able to say if it exceeds or not the shell of the phone.

Last, and this is perhaps the most amazing Pixel 2 XL would with slices it would be possible to press, just like the recent HTC U11. According to Android Police, it will be possible to press the edges of the phone “to interact with Google Assistant”. On HTC U11, these slices that could squeeze essentially allowed to take selfies.

A classic Pixel less ambitious than the XL version

Admittedly it Pixel 2 XL is really enticing. But what about the Pixel “classic” 2017? The bad news, according to Android Police, and the site XDA-developers, the Pixel 2017 would be a simple copy of the pixels of last year in terms of design with an updated data sheet. No big screen, not slices that can be pressed, but a price that we imagine less. It must be understood that Google will particularly highlight its large phone this year and offer a small pixels for those who do not have 800 euros (or more) to put in a smartphone.

Response October, since Google is expected to present its new phones on the occasion of a press conference to be held in the fall.



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