from europe to the usa, will be a summer full of events for pokemon

you’ve decided to spend the summer holidays in the united states or europe, niantic and the pokemon company were thought to you, with a series of events dedicated to pokemon go to be held between july and september. it starts on saturday 22 july in chicago in grant park, where we will have a pokemon go fest.
this is an event that will be involved and the coaches here in chicago, which will try to release extra bonuses for those further away, both coaches out of chicago, which may extend the duration of the bonus released by their colleagues. if he is captured, a sufficient number of pokemon will be proved to be a challenge, mysterious, once exceeded, unlocks a reward bonus for all coaches.
as of august 5, will be to europe instead host 7 events pokemon go safari areas. in the course of these events, it will be possible to capture pokemon regions of kanto and johto, some of which are never seen in the old continent. that’s the date and the location at which the events will be held.
5 august fisketorvet, copenhagen, denmark
august 5, cerny most, prague, czech republic
august 12, mall of scandinavia, stockholm, sweden
august 12, amstelveen, amsterdam, holland
16 september centre, oberhausen, germany
16 september les quatre tempos, paris, france
16 september the maquinista, barcelona, spain.
from 9 to 15 august will be held in japan, the pikachu outbreak in the city of yokohama. the details of this event will be revealed in the next few days, if you’re planning a trip to the land of the rising sun, august could be an interesting date.

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