Google Pixel XL 2: Image of the pixel XL successor dipped

Google Pixel XL 2: Bild des Pixel-XL-Nachfolgers aufgetaucht

The second generation of Google’s pixel smartphones is throwing its shadow ahead. For the first time, a picture of the fall of the expected Google Pixel XL 2 is dived. The most noticeable innovation is the smaller display frame. A squeeze function on the case simplifies the operation of the Google Assistant.

Slimmer display frame

The image is based on information from the Android Police, which received the new page of “extremely reliable sources”. The front of the Pixel XL 2 (Codename: Taimen) shows a much smaller display frame than the previous model. The rivals LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 rallied the trend to the almost frameless frontparty this year.

LG’s OLED display of the Google Pixel 2 is to offer a diagonal of 5.99 inches at a 2: 1 aspect ratio. Above the display is the front camera. The relatively wide earphone for telephone calls could create a stereo effect in the interaction with the loudspeaker on the lower side of the case as with the HTC 10.

Less glass on the back

The black glass surface on the back shrinks significantly compared to the 2016 model. The fingerprint sensor travels slightly deeper and is no longer attached to the glass, but to the aluminum surface of the housing in the pixel XL successor. Google is probably saying goodbye to the narrow antenna strip, which is placed at the pixel XL in the lower area of the back.

The image shows a single main camera, which occupies a larger area than in the previous model. A dual camera is not expected to be used again. It is still unclear whether the camera is still completely integrated into the housing or stands out slightly.


Squeeze function for Google Assistant

As a special feature, the Pixel XL successor should provide a squeeze feature, through which users can trigger various functions of the Google Assistant. The squeeze actions can be triggered – as already known from the HTC U11 – by pressure on the housing frame of the smartphone.

Snapdragon 835 and 4 gigabytes of RAM

XDA-Developers gave end of June notes on the hardware specifications of the pixel XL 2. Accordingly, Google uses a Snapdragon 835 and 4 gigabytes of RAM. What different storage configurations Google offers is not yet known. There is, however, a variant with 128 gigabytes of memory in each case.

Smaller model with 4.97 inch display

In addition to the large pixel XL, Google 2016 also introduced a smaller pixel smartphone. This year, two models of the Pixel series will also appear. The small variant with the codename Walleye is reportedly a 4.97 inch display offer. As with the Pixel XL 2, a Snapdragon 835 and 4 gigabytes of memory are to be used. 64 gigabytes of memory are expected to be available to the user. The headphone jack should be omitted.

Unlike the Pixel XL 2, the design of the smaller version is hardly different from the previous year’s model. The display frames are therefore similar in size to 2016.




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