Indra technology participates in the “Tour de France” with a potentiometer

The Indra technology in the "Tour de France" with a potentiometer

Innovation is a growing need for companies and, even more, for those who work in the technology sector. Aware of this reality, Indra is strengthening its relationship with  startups, spinoffs  and  entrepreneurs  are characterized by remarkable resourcefulness in order to internally cultivate innovation, taking as reference the successful initiatives.

Among these, there emerges the solution developed by Anton and Jose Octavio Campos – two telecommunications engineers who work at the Department of Automatic Measurement Systems Indra for over 25 years-as part of  Innovators , a global contest of ideas which was attended by the Indra professionals from around the world created to promote the generation of new disruptive ideas.

The two engineers have been working in teams to make real an innovative idea: apply the advanced know-how of the company in the context of sensors and microelectronics development of a  potentiometer for professional cycling, which allows you to measure your pedaling power real-time and, in this way, the determination of effort optimizing performance. A ‘intuition that earned them a “Special Mention” in the program  Innovators , valued at € 10,000 and was made possible thanks to a  partnership between Indra and Rotor society.

“The idea was born when I came to the knowledge of these systems and I saw an opportunity to apply the skills and experience of Indra in the areas of sensors and microelectronics in order to improve the performance and the price of these devices” says Jose Anton . “After evaluating Octavio along with the feasibility of the solution we contacted Rotor, Spanish company that develops high value-added products for cycling, we set both a potentiometer that makes the difference in the market.”

Under the agreement,  Indra is the exclusive supplier of the already patented system to Rotor, who is the exclusive distributorThe partnership with Rotor , which has 8,000 distribution points around the world, allowed to sell over 30,000 units in two years and bring the solution to the professional cycling teams.

“For every engineer’s dream to make products that people use and appreciate. In this case, the fact that the product has reached the high competition and the Tour de France is a double pride, “say the two innovators.

INpower: it unique on the market

The first version of this solution, Inpower, was developed after two years of intense work. Unlike other systems,  it is used to measure the force of pedaling at any moment, at 360 degrees, and brings the technology within the axis of the pedal, which prevents damage and greatly increases the reliability . A second version of high-end, 2INpower,  measured separately pedaling power of both legs, unlike other solutions on the market that offer only the total sum of the force exerted on the two pedals.

The system has also a software for PC and multi-platform an App, developed by Indra team, to display on the mobile all the potentiometer performance without having to buy another display. The graphic “peanut-shaped”, just shows the distribution of the strength of each pedal stroke. In this way, it shows the rider’s style and allows corrections, if necessary. Data can be stored in the cloud and be used later in other programs.

Rotor has developed the mechanical components, connecting rod and shaft, while Indra was responsible for the development and electronic integration, software, communications, App and test benches. In the center of Aranjuez (Spain) and the electronics they are carried out verifications of the production units is recorded and installed.



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