Lambo, a personal archive on the smartphone

Lambo, un archivio personale nello smartphone

How many times do we look for hours, even days, the receipt we thought we had in the bedside drawer and nothing, is not there? How long do companies lose billboards and confuse digital archives to order billing notes and invoices sent by employees and employees? Is it possible that in the era of digitization and dematerialization there is no quick and easy solution to solve such issues? Lambo answers all this. It is a personal database that has the task of intelligently archiving and managing all that documentary that invades our lives, both personal and professional. Some examples? The smartphone receipt or any other item that requires proof of purchase to claim the warranty, the fines paid but which should still be kept in response to any disputes, invoices, charges, and more. Lambo Personal Archive responds to such a simple requirement that it is to ask its creators how ever nobody has thought of it before.

Take, archive and forget

“Keeping and remembering where small pieces of paper and certificates are a problem for everyone,” explains Gianni Baroni, managing director of Lambo. “If the consumer public has not had a unique platform to use for that purpose, companies are entrusted with internal management, often not synchronized outside the network and therefore useless at home or when they are around. With Lambo we provide a fast and reliable tool to save any kind of attestation. It can be done in two ways: photographing the document or selecting pdfs already present on smartphones and computers ». Lambo’s idea was born in July 2013 by a small group that after one year gave birth to version 1.0 of the app. The first step was to spin off a basic software that made it a test and a dumper, but also a hint of what really needed a similar tool. “We’ve spent a lot of money on a very limited marketing campaign that made us rate a conversion rate of 47%. About 100 people arrived on the Lambo Store page, 47 downloaded the app. An absurd number if you think that 8% is already considered a good result “- continues the AD. “The fact is, everybody has a broken refrigerator sooner or later. There is not only one person who at least once in life has not had to get the receipt from the wallet to repair or replace a product. ” Lambo’s versatility is such that it has been able to meet immediately the positive opinion of the enterprise landscape, that user, which is immersed in sheets of paper and documents that, once scattered for the office and not adequately stored, risk losing forever .


Interoperability and security

“The desire to create a section dedicated to business has come first to facilitate our business needs, which we then found to be that of so many other professionals: the notes of spending. Both from the app and the computer, you can automatically create the files you need to save in pdf, so you can always delete the paper stream forever. Interest is so that we will soon bring Lambo’s Personal Archive to integrate with the systems of many companies (mainly telecom and finance) who see in our app a concrete solution to their clients’ loopholes, a sure way to increase customer retention. ” Lambo points to interoperability between different devices. One year after app for iOS, the team released the Android counterpart. Both travel in step toward deployments and updates, within a secure cloud ecosystem. Each file is encrypted within an encrypted archive. And not only: With the “secret drawer” function you can create a reserved area that you can access only through a personal pin. Once in the cloud, the documents are synchronized. It will then be the task of automatic back-up to align databases once online. Currently, Lambo’s app has 80,000 downloads and 50,000 registered users. “We only operate in Italy,” Baroni concludes. “But within 12 months we want to go abroad. We look so much from the Anglo-Saxon market. We will face it with dedication and dedication, the same as our adventure for four years. “



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