Rainbow Six Siege: Next update introduces boot boxes

Rainbow Six Siege: Next update introduces boot boxes

With Patch 2.1.1, Rainbow Six Siege (Test) also receives a boot-box system with unique cosmetic items, which are not all available in the Ingame shop. There should be no player-like effects, only skins and visual equipment are distributed over boxes.

The boxes called “Alpha Pack” were already introduced to test servers some time ago. Although the technical basis for the system is created with patch 2.1.1, the release does not take place simultaneously on all platforms. A timetable has not revealed Ubisoft.

The boxes contain certain cosmetic gadgets, known as black-ice skins, as well as exclusive skins of “legendary” rarity, which can only be obtained via Alphapacks. It is planned that crates can be acquired ” by playing the game “.

Many questions remain unanswered

On the test servers, 5,000 “reputation” per box were required. Players have to win after a victory but a chance at a free crate, the chance of such a reward increases per defeat. Whether the system is so on the official server creates, is unclear; Ubisoft still retains such information.

In the dark, whether packs can also be bought for the premium currency of the game. That Ubisoft also takes money for boxes is not officially confirmed, but accepted. Ultimately, Lootbox systems are supposed to import money, which is why the random packets have always been sold in triple A games. How the system works exactly, Ubisoft wants to explain only next week with FAQ.

Bootbox is standard microtransaction

Ubisoft follows the present branch center with the booty box system. Mechanics that assign random rewards to boxes in crates have now moved into almost all major multiplayer titles and, in particular, shooters. There are two reasons for this: Players can hardly open up items in a targeted way and do not really know what to spend on specific items. Both promote sales.

The impact of the crates depends on the type of integration. While some games such as Blizzard’s Overwatch (Test) take care to separate the contents of the crates from the gameplay, Activision has less inhibitions: Crates in Call of Duty also contain weapons. In a similar direction EA will go with Star Wars: Battlefront 2.



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