Nokia and HDM Global: Nokia 2, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 confirmed

Alleged Case for Nokia 9 Picture Slashleaks

Nokia 2, 7 and Nokia 8 confirmed – Only a few days ago, images of cases for the supposed high-end smartphone Nokia 9 were leaked, now there is more information about future Nokia devices. After the Nokia 3, 5 and Nokia 6, the Finns together with licensor HMD Global confirm the models Nokia 2, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8, according to current reports.

Nokia 2, 7 and 8 are next smartphones

Nokia’s high-end smartphone Nokia 9 has not been confirmed by either HMD Global or Nokia itself. According to reports from and Neowin, three new smartphones are planned. A release could take place in the next months.

These are the Android models Nokia 2, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8. A Nokia 4 will probably not exist, because the “4” is considered a misfortune in China. Even the startup company OnePlus had for the same reason no OnePlus 4 and instead the OnePlus 5 into the trade brought.

Start in a few months

Pekka Rantala, head of HMD Global, unfortunately did not give any details about the three smartphones. It is to be assumed that the numbering of the three devices also corresponds to the pricing. So the Nokia 2 is the cheapest entry-level smartphone of the series, while the Nokia 8 is a good mid-class device. The unconfirmed Nokia 9, however, is rumored to be with top hardware, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and QHD display.

HMD Global and Nokia have already announced a cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi and the German camera specialist Zeiss. The Nokia models released so far do not have the camera technology from Zeiss on board. It is therefore to be hoped that the top models of the manufacturer will again be equipped with Zeiss camera optics. Cover Image: Alleged Case for Nokia 9 Image Slashleaks.



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