This would be “panic” at Apple, the iPhone 8 posing big problems at two months of its announcement

Designing a new smartphone is always a puzzle. But it seems that the design of the iPhone 8, the iPhone X, the iPhone Anniversary, call it whatever you want, poses enormous problems to Apple, which would begin to panic. It must be said that there remain only two months to the firm of Cupertino to complete its product.


It is Fast Company which indicates, source to the support, that a big panic would have invaded the premises of Apple which is experiencing difficulties to finish its smartphone. The designers and engineers would indeed find it very difficult to settle the final details.

The newspaper said the company is working hard to resolve software concerns. These problems could have a disastrous impact on production that could start at the last moment.

Worse, if these technical concerns are not resolved very quickly, it could, according to Fast Company, that Apple decides to make a radical decision. Tim Cook could indeed unveil an iPhone 8 amputee of its flagship features, such as fast charging, dual sensor front and the Touch ID integrated directly into the screen.

A smartphone amputated of its functionalities

Apple could thus release its smartphone without these features, which would arrive later thanks to a software update.

We will know more in September, when Tim Cook will present the iPhone 8 to the world, or the iPhone X, or iPhone Anniversary …



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