Congstar gives away 10 GB of data volume to existing customers

congstar away 10 GB – congstar existing customers can secure a free data volume of 10 GB for a short time. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary has presented the amount of data to mark the ten year anniversary.

congstar away 10 GB

How Cashys blog reported congstar away 10 GB of data for a short time. The action already went from 3 July 2017 to start, but was only now communicates congstar. For congstar customers, this means that they must be quick: The offer ends on July 12, 2017th

The necessary for the free data volume code can be found at and redeemed afterwards. Some customers have received the code via email. After a successful redemption 10GB are credited, which can be used with the included tariff rate and are available for 30 days. Any unused data volume expires.

congstar celebrates its tenth anniversary

One catch, however the offer: To use the coupon code and be able to activate the 10 GB, an advertising permission must be granted. congstar customers who do not want to keep active in the long run this should disable it again after consumption of 10 GB.

Interested parties should not wait too long with the participation, the action ends on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 and is redeemable at to watch for is that the code must actually be redeemed and can not be saved for later.



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