Pavel Durov: “Telegram Will Have a Notification Center By The End of Summer”

Though not having the spread of WhatsApp, which in Italy exceeds 22 million users, Telegram is growing very fast, especially among the youngest, thanks to the greater number of features offered than its rivals. Telegram also has some defect: in particular, as a user notes on Twitter, there is no notification center for the mentions or responses.

The answer came immediately from Pavel Durov, founder of the famous Instant Messaging app. The CEO confirmed that before the end of the summer will come a solution that will solve the problem and allow users to have an easy and secure way to handle all notifications from Telegram, so that no major communication is lost.


At this time there are no traces of implementing a notification center in the beta versions of the application but at the end of the summer there are still no more than two months, so developers have the time to develop the feature, probably starting from the beta channel .



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