Vectoring expansion: Telekom announces first customer

TelekomVectoring expansion layoffs – The vectoring expansion of Telekom pulls the first dismissals by itself. Are affected first estimated several hundred thousand connections.

Vectoring expansion of Telekom

Although the Telekom could secure the vectoring expansion in many vicinities, some competitors are opened up. First telecom customers in these areas now threatened with dismissal, as Golem reported. Some 250,000 households are extended to the Federal Network Agency to alternative providers.

“How many VDSL end customer has the Telekom in the short-range expansion areas of the competitors who could be affected by possible termination by Telekom, the Federal Network Agency is not known,” a spokesman for the Federal Network Agency is quoted.

Layoffs not mandatory

A termination but would Telekom in the affected areas not pronounce, but could instead provide appropriate wholesale products and continue the connections. Even if the expansion of the immediate area is made by a competitor.

Jürgen Grützner, managing director of VATM, says there are “no grounds for termination. Telekom would buy only the local loop. How will the telecom react in the many other cases in which the competitors have been awarded expanding at close range? “He goes by several hundred thousand people are affected. “The possibilities of Telekom are the termination, a data rate of 6 Mbps offer / s or collaborate with others,” writes Golem.



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