Legendary Pokémon could soon come to Pokémon GO

The first anniversary of GO Pokémon seemed the perfect opportunity to introduce a long-awaited news from fans of the game: the Legendary Pokémon. Much to the disappointment instead we have only seen a special edition Pikachu but no news regarding the most prestigious and powerful monsters.

Yet something could move very soon, sooner than we can imagine. In subreddit Silph Road, dedicated Pokémon universe, was published a screenshot app for iOS Indian store, in which appears an advertisement for GO Pokémon, which leaves very little to the imagination.

It is clear that in addition to Pikachu as manager hat is indicated the arrival of the first Pokémon Legendary. It is not clear whether this is an error or if the arrival of the highly anticipated legendary creatures is really imminent. It also seems that in California have begun testing for Raid Tier 5, which would imply the presence of Legendary Pokémon.

It seems that the long-awaited moment by players GO Pokémon has arrived. They will know the new Pokémon restore luster to a game that has seen better times or the interest of the players will be attracted by other titles? The comments box is at your disposal.



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