Sony is preparing a small high-end smartphone … Android

The news around Sony’s Xperia smartphones has become scarce in recent months, and for good reason: the manufacturer has begun to abandon several ranges like the Xperia X and X Compact.

But Sony does not let go of the sector even if the launches are more spaced. The manufacturer is preparing new models that have recently appeared in AnTuTu. The fact sheet of a benchmark announces heavy for this future smartphone.

Small size, great power

This Sony G8441 ships a Snapdragon 835 chip backed by an Adreno 540 and 4 GB of RAM. The advertised storage is 32 GB, but this can still change. Just like the resolution of the screen; At least we hope because if 720 x 1.080 remains correct, Sony has accustomed us to better on its high-end. Unless it is a smartphone equipped with a small screen.

The camera would also feature 8-megapixel cameras at the front and rear. There is also a bit surprising while most manufacturers of Android smartphones offer 12 megapixels or more (often they are Sony photo sensors, for that matter). The other feature of this model, which could take the name of Xperia ZX1, is its operating system, Android O, alias 8.0.

This version is still in the form of beta intended for developers. Google did not give a date for the final version (and not yet the final name), probably at the end of summer or fall. Sony will certainly want to position itself very quickly among the first manufacturers to exploit this new Android.



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