The Death of Season Pass: Successor Free Expansion in Criticism

The death of the Season Pass: Successor free extension in the criticism

After a number of popular first-person shooter in favor of micro-transactions omitted paid DLCs, the death of the Season Pass has been proclaimed. However, his death will be accompanied by less content and less value for players – a theory which is untenable in its entirety.

The future looks bleak – right?

The scenario of being painted on the wall VG247 : refrain is a trend away from DLC and Season Pass towards free content and microtransactions. This is – paradoxical at first glance – as potentially detrimental to players. The reason for this is identified not in non-transparent cost structures, increasing attacks on the gameplay in the style of free-to-play systems and effectively exorbitant prices for virtually no content, but in the lower number of free maps, weapons and characters.

Free means less

The thesis is in the core so: For models, the players do not weigh directly monetarily for that content, they also get less of it. Games with Season Pass as Battlefield 1 (Test) would get four cards per DLC to 15 euros every three to four months. Which is also published by EA Titanium Case 2 (test), offered free of charge for the new content have to get only four cards in eight months, three of which are known from the predecessor. Poor sales figures would not explain, so the analysis: Titanium Case 1, however, is so via Season Pass VG247 has again been equipped with nine cards in three months.

For the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is also doubts on this data situation that despite aggressive implementation of micro-transactions, the same number can be placed on additional content available. This is with Lootboxen alone is not possible; it is speculated that only the extent of DLCs would be published over a longer period.

Enough money was there

This assumption is little founded on closer inspection, such as Activision shows. Call of Duty is twice monetized, the series generated with many micro-transactions and a Season Pass additional income. Crucial to this: According to the quarterly balance sheets small sales generate more revenue than the combined sales of the Season Pass and DLC. This suggests that not the costs against revenues expected are crucial, but the cost as such. Buyers expect in a DLC a minimum extent during Free content outweighs the joy of free.

The likely result is rather that publishers provide reasons of cost as little as possible and only as much as necessary of additional content available. The amount need only be sufficient to maintain interest in the game and the chance to further micro-transaction business alive.

However, there are also games that contradict the appointed by VG247 trend. The site overlooks about Halo 5: Guardians (Test), which has actually received, despite giving up a Season Pass more content than its predecessors. The argument “cost” is otherwise with feet of clay: Since mods and maps can almost never be created by the community, the publisher needs to invest in the preservation of his game. however, mod tools produce a huge wealth of maps and content – the idea of ​​a game as a closed system is so far the core of the problem.

The quality is already covered

The pre-sale of a Season Pass is forcing publishers to invest the money in this content, which is why they are created ,” it said. This is a quite problematic statement, because the money does not have to be plugged in, but only in a more or less acceptable equivalent in many good extensions – it does not force publishers to deliver quality. Although VG247 aimed almost exclusively on quantity, the qualitative dimension can not be ignored if one wants to assess how the site whether players are potentially long to return to times of Season Pass systems.

Although ” you never hear about poorly captured DLCs […] but a DLC, which the Community has hated closed “: This statement is true in general, but only describes the Season Pass standard case. Many DLCs are no longer outstanding enhancements, but settled in So-La-La-Land. The Fallout series has, as far as the quality of the extensions that Fallout: New Vegas dismantled, but the price driven up, although the reception does not fall ill, but also just average out. Extensions need only be enough to avoid a storm of protest.

called for more than just bones

The only game that gets plenty of free extensions, Blizzard’s Overwatch (test) is named. Ubisoft titles like Rainbow Six wins (test) would even greatly expanded, but practically hide the playful major operators for most users behind a paywall. AAA multiplayer title must therefore players ” throw more than just a bone ” if they have a genuine transition to ” a system of free post-launch content will deal with” successful. Otherwise would users, so the bottom line is simply ” reminisce about the good old days of Season Passes “. Those, however, as is easy to show, with a view of the quality in parts as bad as the projected future.



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