Siri’s use decreases as Alexa and Cortana increase

In the United States, Siri remains the most popular virtual server (with 41.4 million active monthly users) but, according to Verto Analytics’s latest report, it has declined 15 percent (7 , 3 million users).

In the same period of time, the popularity of Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, increased from 0.8 million users on a monthly basis to 2.6 million (an increase of 325%).

Cortana also increased its popularity, ranging from 0.2 million users on a monthly basis to 0.7 million (with a growth of 350%).


The Verto Analytics report, based on data provided by more than 20,000 US users, tells us that over Siri also S Voice, Samsung’s virtual assistant, has decreased its popularity and this phenomenon could be linked to the growth of Alexa and Google Home.

The Verto Analytics study also analyzed the most widely used applications after virtual assistants to understand how they are exploited: Chrome, Google Maps and the Play Store stand out in the ecosystem, while outside there are Facebook, Messages and Safari.

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