Google Pixel XL 2: Slim frames and & quot; squeeze & quot; function

The colleagues of Android Police have already thanks to exclusive information already a very accurate picture of how the coming in a few months coming Google Pixel XL 2. They can not serve official images, but they have been able to create a rendering image on the basis of their info, with which we are already enjoying.

There we can see that Google – as was to be expected – also follows the trend to even slimmer display frames and a panel installed, which on the sides much less edge than the previous year’s predecessor. Before we continue talking about the Pixel XL 2, let’s look at the picture:

So we see a smartphone, which with a higher screen-to-body ratio raises the design of the previous model to the 2017er stand. Not only on the side, but also above and below the display is less space than last year. Google’s 6-inch panel this year is also heading for the ever-growing 18: 9 or 2: 1 format.

Above you see besides a quite wide loudspeaker also the obligatory Selfie Cam. The trend to as frameless displays drives other manufacturers synonymous ever to original solutions regarding this cam – here, however, everything has remained the same. Overall it is noticeable that the shape of the pixel XL in its second edition turned out a little more angular than in the original pixel.

On the back it is noticeable that the upper part of the glass is significantly smaller, and the camera presents itself enlarged. The fingerprint sensor has moved a little bit downwards, but is still centered. On this comparison picture you can see the differences in the shape and design of the backside very nicely at a glance:

The information that the guys of Android Police, who were usually very good at these predictions, do not only include the design of the upcoming smartphone: It is said that the frame of the Pixel XL 2 is to put on a frame with “squeeze” As we already know it from the new HTC U 11. So, if you’re gently pushing the box, you can initiate a variety of actions, with Android Police telling you that they are actions related to the Google Assistant.

As usual, the blog entry is also clarified for how likely one holds the information. Android Police assigns 8 out of 10 points, which means that they think it is very likely that the design of the Pixel XL 2 is actually the same as seen on the rendering. Smaller changes can still be made, of course, and it is explicitly pointed out that this design only applies to the XL model. For the little brother, there is therefore no evidence that the look and feel is so hairy.

Already with the size of 6 inches, this latest Leak contradicts previous rumors, according to which the large smartphone should be equipped with a 5.6-inch display. Whether the actual will be as it looks with further specs and for which design Google decides at the smaller pixel 2, still needs to be clarified or unveiled. We still stay on reception and I personally could well imagine that this is not the last revelation from the house “Android Police” to the pixel phones.




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