Facebook is expanding ads for inclusion in the Messenger app

The ability to exchange chat messages is perhaps the only truly irreplaceable capabilities of each smartphone: Facebook is well aware and has also seen fit to exploit Messenger to generate more profits. After the tests in Australia and Thailand, which apparently have produced positive results, Facebook is expanding globally experimentation of advertising messages inside the app Messenger : probably during the month to some users begin to appear among the ads messages.

According to Facebook’s statements, advertisements will be placed on the number of users chat and size of the display; also it will not use the content of the messages to generate ads customized, but the standard algorithm will be used for advertising on the social network.

Advertising messages should appear in the bottom half of the list of chat; This is another attempt to monetize Facebook and a half billion users that use the Messenger app.

By clicking on banner ads that will appear within the application you will be redirected to a web page (still within the app), or alternatively will be started a promotional chat with the company to which the ad refers. And ‘likely that in the future Facebook intends to give users the opportunity to make a purchase directly in this way , using the internal payment system to the social network.

We will see what will be the developments; Unfortunately for users, if the tests are successful, you can not disable the display advertising within the app Messenger.



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