MaXXim LTE 500 with Allnet-Flat and 1 GB LTE for 6.49 Euro

MaXXim LTE 500 with 1 GB  – Until July 17, 2017, maXXim offers its own LTE 500 with a higher data volume. Fast-closing can book the promotion at a price of 6.49 euros per month without a fixed term.

MaXXim LTE 500 with 1 GB

In the online shop of maXXim the LTE 500 is available for a few days with a higher data volume. The promotion price is 6.49 euros per month and is available without a long term. On request, the tariff can be canceled at any time with a term of 30 days at the end of the term.

The price includes a voice and SMS Flat in all German mobile and fixed networks as well as a mobile data sheet. This includes a monthly volume of 1 GB instead of the usual 500 MB during the period of action. The maximum surfing speed is 50 Mbit / s and is realized via the LTE network of o2. Once the volume limit has been reached, an automatic data processing is used, which is declared as a fixed tariff component.

MaXXim LTE 500 for 6.49 euros

For use in other European countries there is an international package with 300 MB and a voice and SMS flat to Germany and within the Reiseland. Switzerland is included here.

Interested parties, who bring an existing call number, receive a one-time bonus of 10 euros. The one-time connection fee is 9.99 euros.



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