Lidl Connect increases data volume and introduces a 4-week cycle

LidlConnect increases data volume – customers of the discounter LidlConnect can now access a higher data volume and use up to 1 GB more in Smart tariffs and All-Net-Flat. At the same time, however, the tariff is reduced to four weeks.

LidlConnect increases data volume

In the Lidl Connect Onlineshop, the smart tariffs XS, S and L as well as the All-Net-Flat are now available with a higher data volume. The monthly package tariffs remain unchanged, the data volumes increase by up to 1 GB.

The Smart XS costs 4.99 euros and now offers 250 MB instead of 200 MB, in the Smart S are now 1.25 GB instead of 1 GB for 7.99 Euro. The Smart M for 12.99 euros now 2 GB instead of 1.5 GB. In the All-Net-Flat, the data volume has increased to 3 GB, so far were 2 GB included. The package price remains unchanged at 19.99 euros. The maximum surfing speed in all four tariffs is up to 32 Mbit / s, realized via the UMTS and HSDPA network of Vodafone.

Lidl Connect reduces the validity period

Together with the increase in data volumes, LidlConnect also adapts the runtime. Until now, the tariffs were always available for 30 days, as of now the validity window is only 4 weeks or 28 days. Lidl Connect customers must therefore book one more month to cover a full year.




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