Amazon Prime Day: Average savings of 22.12 percent

Amazon Prime Day savings –On July 11, 2017, Amazon celebrates this year’s Prime Day and provides thousands of products with attractive discounts. On an average, the savings at the normal price are 22.12 percent. Frequently, Amazon is indeed the most affordable provider.

Amazon Prime Day

On Tuesday, 11 July 2017, Amazon celebrates this year’s Prime Day and leaves its customers around 30 hours to go on bargain hunting. The mail-order company advertises that the savings on Prime Day average 37.03 percent, the comparison portal has gone to the pledge more thoroughly.

The result: the actual saving compared to the normal price is an average of 22.12 percent. The difference between real and announced savings comes from the fact that Amazon does not use the actual original selling price for the comparison, but uses the EIA, the non-committal price recommendation. However, this is only rarely collected, usually the prices are clearly below. A circumstance, which is also regularly criticized by consumer protectionists.

Amazon Prime Day nevertheless cheap

However, many customers on Prime Day can make some bargains. Like, Amazon was actually the cheapest supplier of 145 of 150 examined products. Only five articles were more expensive on Prime Day than in other shops.

With an average of 32.55 percent, the savings in the fashion sector are the largest, while hobby craftsmen have to be satisfied with comparatively meager 17.06 percent in the field of tools. “51 of the 150 investigated products are offered exclusively on Amazon. Compared to the cheapest Amazon price within the last month, the savings are an average of 27.51 percent, “it says.

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