[Nokia 3310 high class] Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the line

The new Nokia 3310 is a toy a little expensive and not necessarily practical for the most nostalgic. It is also an object of commemoration for one of the highlights of the week: the summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin!

On the occasion of the G20 in Germany, the Russian president and his American counterpart finally met to discuss the most pressing issues of the moment. It was necessary to welcome this appointment with a product that imposes.

Donald and Vladimir gold-plated

The Russian manufacturer Caviar, a specialist in bling-bling tuning, made a gift to the fans of the two leaders (there certainly are): a Nokia 3310 whose hull is adorned with Trump and Putin’s portrait engraved in a gold-plated medal . Below, a plaque recalls the date and the occasion of this meeting.

At the front, the small phone’s home button sports the G20 logo. As for the hull itself, it is designed in titanium. That is the minimum. The whole thing is sold for $ 2,500, which is obviously out of price for the average mortal, but those who like do not count, of course.

Caviar is a specialist in the genre. He had already given us a Nokia 3310 with the image of Vladimir Putin …



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