IPhone 8: One version could have a reflective back

IPhone 8 Case mirroring image B.Geskin over TwitterIPhone 8 with mirrored back – Leaks says Apple will launch the premium smartphone iPhone 8 in four different colors. An iPhone 8 color variant could have a reflective backside, and there will probably be devices in the colors white and black.

IPhone 8 with mirrored back?

Until the presumed release from the iPhone 8 in September, it still takes some time. As usual, the rumored kitchen flourishes and provides us with new information almost every day.

Apple will surely launch an iPhone 8 in white and black in the trade. New is the statement by Benjamin Geskin. In a tweet he writes “2107 OLED iPhone – four colors. New one – mirrir like “, which means approximately” 2017 OLED iPhone – four colors. A new – mirror-like “.

Figure gives unclear representation

The Leaker shows however in the photo only the iPhone 8 belonging protection case, which is reflected, or a reflecting surface shows. According to the website 9to5Mac reminds the iPhone 8 thereby old Apple iPod models. It could also be that the pictured device is a diamond-black version, which was recorded under certain light conditions.

The blogger John Gruber, in itself always well informed when it comes to Apple devices, assumes that the iPhone 8 to start does not have the possibility to charge wirelessly. In a tweet he shared this. Therefore, the QI standard will only be usable with the update to iOS 11.1. As Bloomberg reports, the premium model from Apple could face a 3D facial recognition theme iPhone 8 Case mirroring image B.Geskin over Twitter.



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