Mass Effect: Andromeda: Version 1.09 without Denuvo copy protection

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Version 1.09 without copy protection Denuvo

With the patch to version 1.09 EA and BioWare have, according to information from DSO Gaming the Denuvo-copy of Mass Effect: from Andromeda. In the patch notes, the change is not mentioned. Responsible for copy protection is now only the DRM system of Origin.

Why EA has chosen to take this step is therefore unclear. Is believed to Reddit that the publisher has chosen a dependent of the sales licensing model Denuvo and want to save running costs – is essential above all, sales in the period to secure immediately after the launch. This has also worked out only limited in this case: first versions of the game with older Denuvo system were cracked after some time, which is why initially a more recent version of the copy protection was used from the patch 1.05.



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