Joyful mobile gaming enthusiasts get the GameStash subscription

If you are fans of  mobile gaming , especially on the Android platform, you will certainly be happy arrival of  GameStash , a new service that could simply be defined as the Netflix of video games. Against a small monthly fee, only $ 4.99, equal to slightly more than 4 Euros, you can access hundreds of titles, free and paid, no further disbursements.

Following what we previously did Amazon with its Underground service,  GameStash allows you to play without the anxiety of having to spend a fortune to advance in certain games, as any in-app purchase will be free. Simply download the app, after registering on the official website, and try the subscription trial, lasting 14 days.

You will need to enter details of a credit card to activate your trial account but, as with Netflix, you will not have constraints and you can unsubscribe at any time. Currently there are over 300 titles every week, but it will add new ones, allowing you to continue playing with a minimal investment.

Finally, remember that the price will be limited to the initial period in which the application is in beta, and then the subscription will cost $ 5.99 per month. You can discover all the games on GameStash visiting this address.



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