Deus Ex (2000): GMDX v9 is “definitive” version of the classic

Deus Ex (2000): GMDX v9 is "definitive" version of the classic

The team behind the GMDX project (Give Me Deus Ex) for the shooter classic Deus Ex (2000) has released version 9.0 of its five years ago Mod started. The goal of the developers is no less than the ” definitive Deus-Ex-Player experience ” – for which the game has been improved, revised and optimized in almost all aspects.

The main focus of version 9, with which the developers complete their work, is a concept called ” Enhanced Artistic Direction ” by developers: essentially the mod is not only playful, but also graphically the best version of Deus Ex and the potential of the Titles.

Optimization of graphics, AI and game mechanics

For this purpose, further visual revisions were made; The original by today’s standards sometimes monotonous environments get more detailed textures and more details. However, as with all other changes, the identity of the game and its design principles should be maintained ” to a necessary extent “. Underlining the developers with the promise ” Deus Ex, but better “.

The list of features of the Mod also contains numerous other improvements. This includes a significantly improved AI, which is more advanced, newly added difficulty levels, with better path finding, which reacts more intelligently to the triggering of an alarm and hunts players properly.

In addition, the modders have added new effects, animations and graphics, enhanced and refined RPG elements, improved user interface, optimized sound effects, revised level design, more setup options, bug fixes, and balancing optimizations. In addition, more mechanics, augmentations and new tools such as zooming by means of a target telescope have been integrated and the simulation of the game world has been improved, among other things, with physically correct object behavior.

Download and alternative

The 1.9 gigabyte mod can be downloaded via the ModDB. There is also a large selection of other mods, including new campaigns. In a similar notch like GMDX, Deus Ex: revisions, which extends the engine by Direct3D 9 and the graphics among other things with new light effects. The Mod is not limited to a round-the-board upgrade, as the gameplay is also revised. In addition, the revision team has redesigned many levels – with not always clear success, generally, GMDX is considered a better and more complete choice.



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