Mobilcom-debitel: Service costs in the shop now money

Mobilcom-debitel Service – customers who want to use a service in mobilcom-debitel’s shops have been asked for a uniform service price list since the beginning of the month. The application of a display foil or the punching of a sim card is now payable.

Mobilcom-debitel service in the shops

The mobilcom-debitel shops now charge fees for typical services. These include punching a sim card or applying a foil. According to Telecom trade, the purchase of used telephones, the cleaning of mobile phones, the provision of rental equipment during the repair and the search for errors, are also free of charge if the equipment is problematic.

Since 1 July 2017, mobilcom-debitel charges various fees for typical services that are part of daily life in the shops. The application of a display foil is priced at 2.99 euros, the stamping of a sim card costs 4.99 euros, the implementation of a software update 9.99 euros. Also with 9.99 euro the provider sets up a Google account or an Apple ID, the data transfer from the old to the new mobile phone costs 19.99 euros. Also, invoice payers have to pay 3.99 euros per transaction

60 minutes service for 39.99 euros

The all-round carefree package is available for 39.99 euros and includes the personal advice on a smartphone including all paid services, for example, data transfer or account setup. The shop staff can take up to 60 minutes for these services.

However, the new prices are not carved in stone. “The outlet can discount the price anytime, but does not get anything for the performance”, Hubert Kluske, Managing Director of Mobilcom-Debitel Shop GmbH, is quoted. Say, the employees themselves can decide whether to charge the fees or make the service without charge.

Service in the shops

It is to be assumed that many employees in the mobilcom-debitel shops do not calculate the charges or only partially, if Smartphones and accessories are purchased directly in the business. Apparently, the company wants to curb inquiries from third-party customers, who use the (up to date free) services of the shops, their mobile products however from discounters or onlineshops without own shop structure refer.




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