AnTuTu, here’s the top 10 of June: The highest score is OnePlus 5

As of monthly habit, AnTuTu has compiled the top 10 smartphones higher performance in June. Although often the detection made by a benchmark does not reflect the benefits provided in actual use, the score is useful for comparing products sometimes even different in the operating system . See that the ranking does not report the highest absolute score from that model, but it is done based on an average of at least 2000 different units tested.

If the May ranking was dominated by HTC U11, now it is ousted by the very OnePlus 5 discussed the alleged performance boost guaranteed by the software at the opening of the benchmark app. The fifth flagship killer is the only smartphone to exceed quota 180000 points . Silver medal for ZTE Nubia Z17, and final step of the podium occupied most powerful dall’HTC. Three top range enclosed in a little over 7000 points.

At the foot of the podium is Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus , Tampin from Xiaomi Mi 6 and the first Apple product, the iPhone 7 Plus, just above the threshold of 170000 points. Slightly detached find Sony Xperia XZ 165 835 Premium share, and about 5000 points in the group headed by iPhone 7 with Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 3T in tow, the latter  only 821 Snapdragon present it with commendable tenacity occupies the last position.



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