This brush cleans your teeth in ten seconds, but gives you a cretin look

It is advisable to brush your teeth at least three minutes morning, noon and evening. Certainly, it is long, but necessary. However, the Amabrush wants to make your life easier by giving you the opportunity to brush your teeth in ten seconds top chrono.

A denture that brushes

Launched on Kickstarter, Amabrush is a toothbrush that wants to be revolutionary. Resembling a kind of denture equipped with a reservoir for the toothpaste, it is placed in your mouth. Wait ten seconds and your teeth are like new!

Automatic, the Amabrush acts as if you were brushing your teeth for three minutes. The creators even say that brushing is done according to the rules of the art, as advised by dentists. But for the moment, the latter have not given their opinion on the matter.

On the other hand, you look like a big neuneu when you brush your teeth. Rest assured, it only lasts ten seconds.

Amabrush goes through Kickstarter to finance. The operation is a success, since out of 50 000 euros requested, almost 175 000 euros have been collected! It remains to be seen whether the toothbrush of the future is effective over the long term, and whether it can completely replace a conventional toothbrush.



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