Android malware: “CopyCat” infected and rooted smartphones

Android Sicherheitsleck

Android malware “CopyCat” – The open source platform Android offers relatively easy access for cybercriminals, in order to infect apps with malicious software, for example. Currently, the “CopyCat” malware is already about 14 million Android devices to get to personal data.

Android malware “CopyCat” infects smartphones

Android is repeatedly visited by a malware called “CopyCat”. After all, about 14 million smartphones should be infected. The aim of the pest, which is a normal app, is to contaminate applications from the Google Play Store.

In order to redirect advertising campaigns to copyCat makers, the pest can roam smartphones themselves. Meanwhile, Google has already removed infected apps from the Play Store. However, the path through unknown sources remains open.

CopyCat collects personal data

In order to get data from the respective smartphone, CopyCat infects the installation files of all known apps. These files are passed on to third-party vendors, since they are not checked by security mechanisms. CopyCat takes the Launcher app zygote and knows which apps are installed and started. The developers of the pest hack the reference ID of the mobile device, so that mobile apps generated by other apps go to the developer.

So far, the pest is only found in Asia and America, probably also in Europe. For all smartphones up to Android 5 the malware is particularly dangerous because there are appropriate security gaps to roam the infected device. According to rumors, the cybercriminals have so far received 1.5 million dollars. Basically, applications should only be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Play Store. A checkmark in the menu settings for “Security unknown sources” should be avoided as far as possible. By default no checkmark is set. Also useful is the installation of a virus scanner, which is constantly updated automatically.


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