Speechless transforms WhatsApp’s voice messages into text

Speechless transforms the voice of WhatsApp text messages

When WhatsApp has introduced the voice prompts most users thought they were a useful answer. Recording your voice is a means to communicate more immediate but in some situations it can be a nuisance. This happens for example when we can not enjoy the adequate intimacy as during business meetings. We must also remember that many abuse of this feature by sending voice messages repeatedly or recordings of several seconds. The Bergamo Becreatives Srl company has therefore made Speechless, an app that can translate a voice message into text for most of the messaging platforms (but not Telegram).

Speechless has the ability to turn any audio clip in writing, not only those shared via chat but also saved in the phone memory. These, however, must have a maximum duration of 15 seconds or you will have access to the paid version (2.29 euro). The app already supports 10 languages ​​(Italian, Russian, Polish, German, English, French, Japanese, Indian, Portuguese, Spanish), and despite some clerical error is however particularly effective. Speechless also needs the data connection to start the translation and censor any kind of word, so you have to pay attention to what is said in the message. The app is available for both iOS and Android.



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