Vodafone: Prepaid registration obligation ensures trouble in the shops

Vodafone NetzkapazitätVodafone Prepaid Registration Obligation РAccording to one report, the prepaid registration requirement effective since 1 July 2017 provided for anger in the Vodafone shops. The reason for this was the invitation by Vodafones to register starter packages sold in the shops in the partner shops.

Vodafone: Anger in the shops

Vodafone prepaid cards are not only available at the in-house stores, but are also sold in partner shops and retailers. Regardless of the place of sale, the SIM cards must be registered with a passport since 1 July 2017. While the stores and partnershops carry out this registration on the spot, purchasers of specialist retail packages had to become active themselves and participate in the video identification procedure.

As Telecom trade reported, this inconsistent approach caused anger between the shop operators. Vodafone’s displeasure was fired. According to the report, Vodafone had informed the branches and partnershops that many customers were too complicated for their video identification and that they would therefore be more likely to come into the shops with specialist trading cards.


Vodafone annoyed specialist dealers

In the mailing, it was said that the branches and partnerhops not send these customers away, but should activate the sim cards instead. This would allow them to secure the commission as they are paid to the activating shop. The retailer, who had originally sold the sim card and could not register on the spot, went blank. “Take the opportunity to be the only distribution channel to equip customers with an active SIM card and the frequency from other sales channels,” Vodafone wrote to his shops.

The specialist trade was not enthusiastic about the deprivation and made his displeasure. Apparently, with success, the trade partners can also make prepaid registrations on site. However, other restrictions are still maintained, so the Vodafone GigaCube is not available in retail stores.





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