Raiffeisen-Bank: Girokonto with integrated mobile radio connection

Raiffeisen-Bank Girokonto with mobile phone connection – The Raiffeisen-Bank Werratal-Landeck offers its customers a hybrid from current account and mobile contract. The combination offer is available in four different variants from 3.99 euros per month.

Raiffeisen-Bank Girokonto with mobile phone connection

Customers of Raiffeisen-Bank Werratal-Landeck are now able to book a giro account with an integrated mobile radio connection from their credit institution. The bank wants to increase the added value for customers with the offer and expand the classic current account by an attractive component, reports the Hersfelder newspaper.

The offer is managed under the term “mobile account” and is available in four variants. RB Mobile Online Flat and RB Mobile Comfort Flat cost 3.99 euros, 8.99 euros, 14.99 euros and 24.99 euros per month, and offer content for mobile communication in addition to various account services ,

Mobile phone accounts with Dispokredit

In the mobile version, customers can make calls to all German networks in addition to the services provided by the Girokontos for 8 cents per minute and 10 cents per SMS. The RB MobileOnline account contains 200 units for call minutes and SMS in all German networks as well as 500 MB of data volume. The online and comfort flat rate includes a voice tag in all fixed and mobile networks as well as a monthly data volume of 1 GB. The two accounts differ mainly in the bank’s included services.


Die Mobilfunkkonten den Raiffeisenbank greifen auf das Netz von o2 zu, die Simkarten werden von Genofon, einem Mobilfunkanbieter aus dem genossenschaftlichen Umfeld, herausgegeben. Eine feste Mindestvertragslaufzeit gibt es in den Tarifen nicht.

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