Nokia 3310 after G20 summit as “Putin -Trump-Edition” available

Nokia 3310 als Putin-Trump-Edition Bild CaviarNokia 3310 Putin-Trump-Edition – At the G20 Summit held in Hamburg, the Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and the American President Donald Trump were also getting closer. A Russian dealer has taken the occasion to create a special “Putin Trump-Edition” from the Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 als Putin-Trump-Edition

The new edition of the Nokia 3310 is a classic mobile phone, which is mainly suitable for pure telephony. According to CNBC, the Russian dealer Caviar has taken the G20 Summit as the occasion to perpetuate the two heads of state Putin and Trump on a special Nokia 3310 edition.

Caviar has particularly refined the Nokia 3310, as it is for presidents of this rank. A decorated case and a display frame made of gold make the mobile phone look noble.

Titanium and steel

The back contains the caviar logo with a serial number. The faces of both presidents and the inscription “G20 Germany 2017 Hamburg 07.07.17” prague directly under the camera, engraved in gold, of course. The case is made of hardened titanium and damascus steel.

The striking pattern and the high-quality material are likely to place the “principles and hardness” of both Heads of State in the foreground. According to the company, both presidents look in the same direction, which should indicate a common desire for a better relationship. The Nokia “Trump-Putin-Eidition” is obviously not cheap. Below is billed 2,160 euros, this Nokia 3310 is not to have and probably also only in limited edition.




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