IPhone 8: Wireless charging not available for the release

IPhone 8 in White Martin Hajek on TwitterIPhone 8 comes without a cordless store – At least a feature should not have the new Apple Premium smartphone iPhone 8 to release. Supposedly, wireless charging will only be possible after the update to iOS 11.1. Whether this is true, we learn at the earliest on the Apple keynote.

IPhone 8 without wireless charging?

In September to the Apple keynote, the anniversary iPhone 8 is expected with some new features on board.

The blogger John Gruber, in itself always well informed when it comes to Apple devices, assumes that the iPhone 8 to start does not have the possibility to charge wirelessly. In a tweet he shared this. Therefore, the QI standard will only be usable with the update to iOS 11.1.

Suitable accessories only later

This is not surprising. Apple had for the iPhone 7 Plus the “portrait mode” also after an update started, about a month, after the Phabelt came into the trade.

Apparently a suitable accessory will be available later. The charging station for cordless charging for the iPhone 8 will also appear later, according to John Gruber in another tweet. The release of the charging station is also assumed with the rollout of iOS 11.1. According to rumors, the iPhone should have a power supply, which has more than ten watts and via USB type C connector. This allows the iPhone to be powered more quickly than its predecessor. Cover image: iPhone 8 in white Martin Hajek on Twitter




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