RED offers to pay the equivalent of a SMIC for a smartphone that does not yet exist

Would you be willing to pay $ 1,200 for a promise? There are certainly some who will. The “builder” RED smartphone offers anyway to charge you the equivalent of a net minimum wage for a smartphone that does not exist yet.


If we wrote builder quotes, it’s simply because RED has not yet out of smartphone and we therefore do not know what this company is in this field. But she has ambition and proposes, for 1200 dollars, its future smartphone called Hydrogen.

Its processor? Unknown. Its battery? Unknown. His camera? Unknown … in reality we know very little about the smartphone, just that run on Android, it will use a “holographic screen” (probably a good marketing term properly) by 5.7 inches and that it will have modules like the late Ara project.

The picture revealed by RED also shows a port USB Type-C and a jack. Because it is important the jack. In short, the $ 1200 spent in Hydrogen will be synonymous to gamble. It will indeed wait until the first quarter of next year to receive your smartphone. If it happens.

Note that for this price, your smartphone will have an aluminum unibody. You can spend $ 1,600 for a titanium shell, if you like.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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