Nokia 2, 7 and 8: Three new smartphones are in the starting holes

In the last few days, we hear a lot about Nokia, most recently about the collaborations with Xiaomi and Zeiss. Now for a change, there are times again information about new smartphones of the company, or is there the one from HMD Global, which is responsible for the Nokia smartphones.

Marketing Director Pekka Rantala has said in an interview with the Finnish side Mobili about new handsets. Admittedly, the good man has not given up much on the upcoming hardware. After all, the names he has pushed out – the new devices listen to the names Nokia 2, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8.

So you remain faithful to the numbering and do without the 4 – maybe you know that the four in several Asian countries stands for misfortune and therefore gladly omitted with numbering. For this reason, the OnePlus 5 was recently released instead of a OnePlus 4.

As I said, he did not comment on the technology of the devices, but we may well be glad that the three handsets were presented in the not too distant future. The IFA, which will be launched in just under two months, will certainly be a suitable setting for a launch after the smartphones Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and the dumb phone Nokia 3310 At the MWC in Barcelona. At, however, it is even assumed that at least one of the new smartphones already this month could be unveiled.


Nokia 8 – The first new flagship of the Finns?

We can assume that the Nokia 2 will be a beginner model. It remains to consider whether we can assign the numbers 7 and 8 to the middle class or rather to the high-end range. This is due to the recent release of a promotional poster, which is supposed to show the Nokia 8 – a Nokia 9, which we have heard so many rumors, is not in the starting holes.

The new Nokia 8 is likely to be the top model of HMD Global and there are already rumors, which are also about the technical data of the smartphone. The picture can be – if it is real – extremely slim display edges on the sides and also that we can expect color variations in black, violet, blue and Silbergrau.

Previous rumors then spoke of components that would make the Nokia 8 a real flagship. This includes a 5.3 inch 2K display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, up to 6GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable, internal memory, and front and rear 13 MP cams, with a dual cam being used on the rear.

It is also said that the smartphone next to a microSD card can also accommodate two SIM cards and is certified to IP68. In addition, an iris scanner as well as a fingerprint sensor are on board.

Think about it: the specs are only rumors, but it is certain that we will see a Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 and Nokia 2. If this happens within the framework of the IFA, you can, of course, assume that we capture the three things with the camera for you and let you get all the information you need to know about the smartphones.

I am honestly still quite curious, where the Nokia trip will still lead and presses Nokia and / or HMD Global the thumbs that the Nokia 8 is actually as strongly as the rumors state – and will be as good as On the Leak. In this case, we suddenly had a real highlight of Nokia before us.





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