Are we addicted to technology? According to one study, the most affected are the 30-year-olds

Are we addicted to technology? The answer in several cases is positive and it seems that in Italy, according to Gfk’s research, the 30-year-olds are most affected by “cyber-dependence”.

The research in question has been conducted in 17 countries and has involved more than 22,000 people aged 15 and over: those who find it harder to break away from smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs seem to be Chinese (43%), Brazilians (42%) and Argentines (40%), who occupy the top three positions in this particular ranking.

Globally, about one-third of respondents admitted having some difficulties of this type (34%), while in Italy we remain at a slightly lower level, reaching 29%; In Italy, 20% said they did not have any problems, but we do not find any particular differences between men and women (as opposed to what is claimed by a different research not related to the Bel Country).


Break-from-technology Total Web-RGB GfK-Infographic

Analyzing the data by age we can make some interesting finding: in Italy the most affected by addiction are, albeit slightly, the 30-year-olds (37%), followed by teenagers (35%); Followed by the 40-year-olds (34%), who almost surprisingly surpass those in the band 20-29 years (32%). Over 60 are those with less problems, both in Italy and globally, with “just” 18%.

Break-from-technology Countries Web-RGB GfK-Infographic

Similar analysis was made on the basis of income: they make it more difficult to leave smartphones and other devices at a low to high (32%) and low (31%), while the high income band seems to be slightly better (27 %).

More and more people are therefore struggling to look away from the screens, although we find significant differences of behavior from country to country, as you can see in the above-mentioned infamous. And you? Are you addicted to technology? Are you worried about this phenomenon? Let us know yours in the usual comment box.




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