Destiny 2: Three game modes and a mission in the beta

Destiny 2: Drei Spielmodi und eine Mission in der Beta

In about two weeks the open beta test of Destiny 2 will be launched. On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One three multi-player modes as well as a single player mission, which give an insight into the gameplay.

In the beta the first mission of the campaign can be played. In addition, the multi-player modes Countdown and Control with their own new card to choose from. The Strike “The Inverted Spire” can also be tackled cooperatively. If there are two friends to complete the squad, a matchmaking system can be used for the first time in the series. In addition, a new subclass is available for magicians, hunters and titanium.

The remaining missions and contents can only be played in the full version. As CEO Eric Hirshberg recently revealed to Games industry, Activision is also planning to publish regular and numerous new extensions. To this end, two additional studios were commissioned to create content.

The open beta thus concentrates first and foremost on the gameplay. Not to be seen is the system for the organization of clans. Furthermore, the character progression will differ from that in the full version, progress made and collected equipment will not be accepted. On Sunday, July 23rd, the “Farm”, the social hub of the game, will be entered for an hour, starting at 7 pm, which will inherit the Citadel from the first part. There are hardly any traders, but a number of other activities. Bungie wants to find out how many players can handle the instances at the same time.

Start times and dates

Predecessors of Destiny 2 can play the beta on the PlayStation 4 between 18 and 20 July, on the Xbox One on 19 and 20 July. Open for all players, the open beta on both platforms will be between the 21st and 23rd June. On the PC a separate test phase will be set up in August. The final game will be released on 6 September for consoles and on 24 October for Windows PC.



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