With the launch of ThingWorx 8, PTC extends its technology offerings within the Industrial IP

Con il lancio di ThingWorx 8 PTC amplia la sua offerta tecnologica nell’ambito dell’IoT industriale

PTC announces the new version of its industry-leading IoT platform: ThingWorx 8. ThingWorx offers industrial IoT solutions developers one of the fastest and most complete tools to free up all the potential derived from the physical and digital world encounter. Growth in parallel to the industrial IoT market, ThingWorx has become the most accredited and used tool for companies to exploit industrial IoTs to create intelligent and related operations, solutions and products and with this upgrade evolves into a more robust, complete, ideal technology offering For companies wishing to accelerate the generation of value of industrial IoT. ThingWorx 8 offers enhanced platform capabilities, rollout design and production applications, a significant customer and partner ecosystem, extended training programs, and a new range of services tailored specifically for IoT customers and partners.

“We are committed to making ThingWorx the most effective and comprehensive platform with which companies can quickly and easily leverage the value of industrial IoT,” said Kathleen Mitford, PTC’s Product and Market Strategy Executive Vice President. “With ThingWorx 8, we’ve gone beyond key platform capabilities by introducing new role-based apps. Combining our leading platform in the industrial IoT market with these new apps is specially designed to ensure a quick return on value to companies that invest in the industry. ”

The ThingWorx platform provides the functionality, flexibility, and agility needed for companies to rapidly develop and deploy industry-leading IP apps and state-of-the-art (AR) experiences. This includes industrial connectivity, analysis, application enabling, orchestration, and authoring of AR experiences without code writing.

“Thanks to the combination of ThingWorx’s IoT ecosystem with our existing production systems, we have the connectivity and detailed analysis needed to quickly visualize our operations, optimizing quality and productivity,” said Justin Hester, Senior Researcher at HIROTEC Corporation . “HIROTEC did not have to adapt to ThingWorx: on the contrary, this solution represents the completion of the company’s experience in World-Class Manufacturing.”

New features of the ThingWorx platform

With ThingWorx 8, this platform now offers native features such as industrial connectivity, anomalies detection and enhanced cloud support for major providers. The new features have been specially designed to further enhance the platform’s ability to make even simpler and faster operations such as the development, distribution and expansion of industrial IOT applications.

In addition to these features, ThingWorx Studio now supports Authoring and Publishing of AR Experience for Microsoft HoloLens. ThingWorx Studio is a non-script authoring environment that enables content creators to develop, deploy, and enjoy AR experiences incredibly fast. ThingWorx Studio’s ThingWorx Studio integration into ThingWorx 8 developers and content creators can benefit from ThingWorx Studio’s code-writing AR development capabilities to quickly and quickly make Microsoft HoloLens clear and engaging experiences.

Presentation of ThingWorx production apps

In the wake of the success of ThingWorx Navigate, PTC presents a new set of production apps that enable companies to benefit and even more easily benefit from greater operational agility. ThingWorx’s production apps are fast to install, provide rollout intelligence based on quicker and more dynamic decision-making roles, extendable without code writing, can be downloaded for free and implemented in the production process in less than an hour. The ThingWorx production apps consist of:

ThingWorx Controls Advisor, which monitors machine connectivity, resolving any problems remotely.
ThingWorx Asset Advisor, which monitors remote and real-time physical resources, automatically detects anomalies and triggers notifications to improve efficiency and quality.
ThingWorx Production Advisor, which provides real-time visibility and information about performance and state of the production line.
Dedicated to ThingWorx Customer Success

PTC promotes the success of companies that choose ThingWorx. As an integral part of the ThingWorx version 8, PTC Customer Success has introduced new services already available to assist companies in adopting and deploying ThingWorx. These services are part of the full portfolio of Customer Organization



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