Paradox: Price increase is compensated with free game

Players who purchased Paradox games during the short-term raise will receive a new game from a selection of current titles or two DLCs for free. The selection is also given here.

This response was required after ongoing customer protests. Prior to the Steam Summer Sale, Paradox Interactive has raised prices for numerous games and has been suspicious of trying to conceal the actual amount of discounts offered. The company returned to the status quo only after strong criticism, but declared the price increase as a long-planned measure and allowed shortcomings in communication with customers. The prices have returned to their old level with the end of the steam sales and are to be frozen for another three months.


conditions of participation

Originally Paradox wanted to buy customers who bought between the 17th May and the 6th of June for the raised price or Steel Division: Normandy 44, the difference sum. This, however, has been proven to be “virtually impossible”. Therefore, free games are now distributed. However, the offer must be actively pursued and is restricted: only customers who have not bought in US dollars because the dollar prices have remained constant. Excluded are also purchases on Origin, also there was no price increase.

The game must also be purchased from “authorized resellers” and the application for the compensation must have been submitted by August 9 via the contact form, including the order number and the invoice copy. The offer is valid per customer and not per purchase. If the game was purchased on GOG or the Apple Store, you can choose from the available titles of the promotion. If the game is not available on the platform, an activation key is sent to Steam. Delivery is expected to be completed by 30 September.


Angebotene Spiele:

Hearts of Iron IV
Crusader Kings 2
Europa Universalis IV
Magicka 2

Angebotene DLCs:

HoI IV: Death or Dishonor
EU IV: Third Rome
CK II: Monks and Mystics
Stellaris: Utopia
Tyranny: Tales from the Tiers




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