OnePlus 5: between its screen with “elastic scrolling” and sound and WiFi bugs, problems accumulate

It has now been a little more than two weeks since the OnePlus 5 was launched in large pumps. While the phone is undeniably very good, its launch was marked by many problems more or less minor noted by its first users. OnePlus tries to respond more or less skillfully by announcing the arrival of the first updates.

We have very long said in our test, the OnePlus 5 is a great smartphone Android. It has a beautiful design, excellent performance (even if OnePlus has rigged the benchmarks) and is now doing very well in the field of photography. However, its first few weeks in the hands of the general public have raised many technical problems.

“Jelly Scrolling”, quite “normal” for OnePlus

The first of them and by far the most intriguing was named “Jelly scrolling”, which could be translated as “elastic scrolling”. Some users have noticed that by scrolling in certain applications, such as Twitter, the display tends to have an unpleasant distortion effect on a daily basis.

The XDA-Developers site looked at this strange display problem and discovered it was a consequence of a hardware choice made by OnePlus. On the OnePlus 5, the screen has been mounted … upside down. The top of the slab has been placed down consciously, so that OnePlus can successfully fit all other components (including the dual photo sensor) into the case of its device.

OnePlus, for its part, minimizes the case. For the brand, this behavior of the screen when scrolling the content is “natural”. For now, it is difficult to know how many users this involves.

WiFi bugs and sound capture that should be quickly corrected

Since the beginning of the week, two more minor bugs have also been discovered. The first concerns the WiFi antennas of the phone. Some users have noticed that WiFi was working randomly when there was a tendency to put its hand on the antennas of the phone. The second problem is also related to the software bug, when recording a video in landscape mode, the sound captured on the left side of the screen comes from the video on the right. The audio channels were in fact reversed.

No panic about these last two bugs, OnePlus has announced working on an update that should solve these problems quickly. It should be put online in the coming weeks.



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